This procedure removes or excises excess skin and fat from your upper arm. It is generally indicated in patients with a lot of excess tissue in this area and may require additional liposuction in order to better contour the upper arm.

It is a very good procedures to contour the upper arm and in patients with massive weight loss, the incision can be continued onto the chest wall to remove the rolls of skin and fat in that area.

The downside is a long scar running from the elbow to the armpit that is very difficult to hide since its on a visible part of the body. It comes down to a decision by you, the patient, as the whether or not a scar is preferable to the excess tissue.

The procedure takes about 2 hours under general anaesthetic and can potentially be done as a day case. You will require about 2 weeks off work and driving and I recommend 6 weeks of no heavy training at the gym.

Please contact Dr Geoffreys to arrange a consultation.