My Practice Billing Policy for Reconstructive Surgery

The billing policy of my practice is to charge 300% of the medical rate. I am a Discovery Health contracted doctor for the ‘Classic' plans ONLY. This rate will be covered fully by some schemes, while others will require a co-payment on the part of the patient. Co-payment will be determined by the benefits applicable to the particular scheme to which a patient belongs. In certain cases, where the patient’s diagnosis is part of the Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB), the cost of the surgery may be covered in full if the patient follows the rules required by South African Law as well as the regulations of their scheme. For more information :

What to do if you have a PMB diagnosis, Click Here.

To view the PMB Legislation, Click Here.

My Practice Policy for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery

For these procedures, there is no third party payments and the full responsibility for the costs of the procedure rests with the patient. There is no lawful way to “claim” against a third party insurance or medical benefit scheme even ad hoc. All surgical procedures must be paid in full prior to the patient’s admission to hospital. All rooms procedures must be paid in full on the day of the procedure. I do not offer any installment options or in-house finance, but refer patients to registered credit providers, such as First Health Finance, in this regard.